matthew ess

software developer


purdue university, west lafayette, IN
B.S. in computer science, minor in political science
may 2018
3.90 gpa


software engineer @ yelp: summer 2018 - present

backend engineer on the transactions and food ordering teams. i work on high performance, realtime python infrastructure that supports a wide variety of features for ordering food on yelp, including driver tracking support to realtime updates and notifications about your order via push.

software engineer intern @ yelp: summer 2017

intern on the transactions team. built a streaming transformation pipeline that leveraged yelp's streaming datapipe (built on kafka technologies) and replicated to elasticsearch for high performance text querying over order data.

developer intern @ school datebooks: summer 2016 - winter 2016

i worked on a very small team of talented engineers writing backend PHP and javascript microservices for an athletic and educational scheduling web app.




pyramid, flask, django

unit, integration, and acceptance testing

darwin and linux systems

git, source control

working on a team, agile and "semi-agile" processes

html5, css, javascript



elixir and phoenix

functional programming paradigms

database technology, sql, postgresql, elasticsearch

software deployment

elm, vue.js, react, SPAs, flux

c, systems programming, java, junit testing, ruby on rails


functional reactive programming, reflex

nix, nixos

type level programming and theory

programming language and compiler theory