older projects


boilertalk is a project i'm working on with my fiancée to enable social psychology researchers to easily simulate a social media platform to garner realistic interactions and behaviors from students for the purpose of research studies.


openideas is a platform i worked on with jay hankins for Purdue USB and the Purdue Undergraduate CS Community. we hoped to implement it to give students a way to voice concerns or improvements for the department, then vote on and discuss them.


i worked on the backend component of the lemming project, a group project for Purdue's senior design class that was meant as a queuing system to help lab TAs or group leaders manage large groups of students or members who need help with an assignment or project.


kuva was a small iOS app meant as a regional, location centric clone of instagram that would allow you to see and interact with popular photos taken by users nearby you.

check out my gitlab account, or my older github account.